Learning Spanish with Superfudge – Chapter 1

This post and several that will follow will document my journey into learning Spanish with children’s books.

Children’s literature is rich with vocabulary and the stories can stir the imagination and make the soul smile.

I have started with the Judy Blume series Superfudge because I remember these books from my own childhood.

Let’s begin…

Chapter 1 starts with Peter’s parent dropping the bomb on him and telling him that they will be having a baby.

I won’t make this a spoiler post and tell you the entire story, but I will highlight a few new vocabulary words and phrases that I learned.

I will first write the word in Spanish and then in English.


Pumba! – Wham!

Atragantarse – to choke

Palmadas en la espalda – slaps in the back

Repisa – shelf

Trapo – cloth

Tripa – gut

Remolino – swirl

Puchero – soup

Di media vuelta – I turned around

La cuna – the crib

Alaridos – howls

Chillar – to scream

Porquerías – nonsense, filth, rubbish, garbage

Cremellera – zipper

Grifo – faucet/tap

Well, I actually have about 35 – 40 new Spanish vocabulary words that I wrote down from chapter 1 alone, but I don’t want to bore you with my laundry list.

Superfudge is a great book to pick up if you are an intermediate level learner wanting to expand your fluency.

The truth is that everyday conversation alone will not push you to the next level of your language journey. You must open a book and go on a new adventure.

See you next time!