3 Small Benefits of Massage Therapy

Have you considered purchasing a massage at your local health club?  I have been a member of Massage Envy for over 6 months now and it has truly improved my health mentally and physically.

Below I will share with you three of the benefits of massage therapy that have impacted my personal life.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

A full body massage will provide you with immediate relaxation.

If you have been having a busy week at the office or your home life has been hectic, then a massage is the perfect solution to reducing some of your stress.

I noticed that my mood is improved after receiving my monthly massage.

Flexibility (Range of Motion)

A massage will help loosen your muscles.

When I was a teenager I could bend my body like a contortionist, but these days touching my toes is a challenge.

My range of motion has improved since I began receiving massage therapy treatments.

My therapist explained to me that it is important to incorporate stretches into my daily routine to prevent the tightness in my muscles.

Improved flexibility is a benefit of massage that can be realized immediately.

Reduce Back and Neck Pain

Massage therapy can also benefit you by minimizing your aches and pains.

I have suffered neck and back injuries, and the monthly massage sessions assist in reducing the pain in these areas.

Massage is a strategy that I would recommend as a regular part of a pain management program.

Doctors often provide muscle relaxers and pain relievers for ongoing neck and back problems.  But, I have never liked the idea of using a lot of prescription drugs.

Massage is a natural remedy for pain.