The French Experience with Mango Languages

So, I have discovered an application called Mango Languages.  It is a free program offered through my local library.

I am using this program to learn French.  I am a complete French beginner.  I don’t have any background in French, and the truth is that I don’t have any French-speaking friends.

So far, I have used the program for about 4 hours.  During this time frame, I have learned:

  1. How to introduce myself
  2. How to ask someone else’s name
  3. How to ask how someone is
  4. The words for husband, wife, sister, brother, and cat
  5. How to ask where someone is from

I plan on using the program for about 15-20 minutes each day.  At this rate, I should finish the first unit in three months.

I was initially attempting to learn French because my son was taking French in high school.  I didn’t want him talking about me behind my back.

But, I am finding that isn’t enough to keep me motivated.  The truth is that I am going to have to find something that connects me to this language.

I am not too deeply invested right now.  I have been listening to French songs on YouTube.  The music is decent, although I can’t understand a thing.

Here is a quick video of me speaking a few of the phrases I have learned so far.

Tyeisha-4-Hour-French-December-2017 from Tyeisha Humphrey on Vimeo.

One thing I have to make sure is that I don’t let my Spanish pronunciation slip into my French speaking.

I know that bien in French doesn’t sound the same as bien in Spanish, but I think I pronounced it that way.

Well, the sky is the limit.

À tout à l’heure !