July 18 2019 Language Learning Checkup

Good evening webosphere. This is my little update on my journey of becoming a trilingual.

So, I am adding little pieces of Spanish into my daily routine by doing the following things:

  1. GoComics.com – Nate El Grande – I read this comic strip daily in Spanish. I believe it is published everyday except Sunday. And, I believe that getting in some humor on a daily basis along with expanding my Spanish vocabulary is a plus for me.
  2. MundoHispanico.com – Atlanta – I read the headlines of this news website each morning before I start my day. And, right now the vocabulary that I am building to discuss arrest, immigration, shooting, and crime in general is enough to become a public defender.

My French language development has been slow going. I am still working from a French workbook for children. And, it only includes basic vocabulary words.  But I am finding it hard to build my motivation.

With that being said, I was at the Nissan dealership last Saturday getting my car serviced and I sat down at the table. On the table was a Spanish workbook. I began speaking in Spanish when the customer came back to have a seat.

Needless to say, this led to a long conversation and my new friend told me that while he was just beginning his Spanish language journey that he had been studying French for several years.  He also recommended that I take a class at the Alliance Francaise Atlanta.

So, I may take that plunge and take a class in the next month or so.