Start an Edible Garden

My name is Tyeisha and today I wanted to write about two immediate benefits of starting an edible garden.

I read an article in the Charleston City Paper this week that discussed how the current generation is disconnected from the process of farming and being able to grow their own food.

I am a member of this generation of people.  I have always associated gardening with slavery and how my ancestors were forced to work on the farms of their masters.

However, the article that I read allowed me to reflect and now I understand how growing your own food can be associated with freedom.

I spoke to my mother and we discussed how my great-grandfather was a main who was self-sustaining.  He had a pond on his land. And, my mother remembers when this pond had fish in it. She and her siblings would fish with their grandfather and later eat that same fish. 

My great-grandfather also raised chickens with his wife, and they maintained a garden.  This allowed them to feed their family. And, also earn a profit with any leftover vegetables or fruit.  I remember stories of how he would take my grandfather into town and they would sale watermelons off the back of the truck.

He was able to grow his own food, feed his family, and make some money. That’s freedom and that is what gardening can offer people today.

This is a photo of my container garden after about 3 weeks

Why Start A Garden?

  • You Can Feed Your Family

It will give you a sense of proud and comfort knowing that you can walk in your backyard and pick a few leaves and turn that into supper for your family.

It is possible that grocery stores may not have the foods that you need. We rely heavily on they supply chain between large farmers, distribution plants, and grocery stores. However, it is possible that this supply chain system can break. 

Start a small front yard garden today so that you can feed your family.

  • You Can Make Some Money

It will allow you to make some money. Your garden will likely produce more vegetables, fruits, and herbs than your family can consume. 

You can sell the extra food that you grow to your neighbors.  You may also be able to sell at a local farmers market.

Start a small back yard garden today so that you can make some money.

Well, I hope you will give some serious thought to why it is beneficial to you, your family, and your community to start an edible garden.