My Honest Review of the Cize Workout from BeachBody

What I Liked About the Cize Dance Workout

This is my un-biased review of the Cize Dance Workout offered by BeachBody On Demand.

The class is taught by the legendary Shaun T. Mr. Insanity himself.

The three things that I enjoyed about this program was that it was easy to follow, it was encouraging, and it was a great fitness workout overall.

I will elaborate on the three things I loved about the Cize Dance Workout below:

1. Easy to Follow

First of all, this is a dance program and I am not the most coordinated person in the world. But, I will say that I was able to follow along with all of the dance moves fairly easily. 

The program that I selected within the Cize Dance Workout was called “Crazy 8’s”. Over the course of 30 minutes I was taught eight different patterns.

Those eight patterns built on each other and after learning them I was able to follow the choreographed routine that was like the dance finale of the program.

I felt that my ability to follow along improved tremendously from minute 1 until minute 29.

This is an easy to follow program offered by BeachBody on Demand.

2. The Program is Encouraging

Next, I felt encouraged to continue my workout with Cize and Shaun T.

The instructor (Shaun T.) gave positive words of encouragement for the duration of the program.

I never felt like I wanted to quit. I knew that I would be able to complete this workout.

3. Great Fitness Workout

Finally, I must say that this is an absolutely great workout for me.

I was sweating when I finished.

I felt my heartrate increasing during the session and there were moves that I felt challenged my endurance, coordination, and agility.

Well, that is my review of the Cize workout by Beachbody on Demand.

You can look below and watch my video review and see me in action doing the final minute of the Crazy 8 workout included with Cize.

Watch My Honest Review and Workout in the Video Below

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