What You Can Expect on Day 1 as a Dishwasher – Dishwasher Diaries

1. It will stink.

The first thing I noticed upon walking into a kitchen restaurant for the first time was that it was a smelly place. I had not even reached the dish pit yet, but all I could smell was old water that had been sitting.

2. Your hands will be wrinkly like raisins. 

I had been in the dish pit about 2 hours when I looked down at my hands and noticed that my skin on my fingertips was wrinkly like an old dog.  I initially asked if I would be given gloves. But I was told that the dishwashers do not need gloves.

3. You probably will not get paid with money.

I worked for about 3 hours on my first evening in a restaurant kitchen.  I was told that this was a working interview. So, in my words it is like a dishwasher tryout or audition. You either get the part or you do not, but you will not get any moolah for the night. On a positive note, I was able to pick something off the menu for my time. The food was tasty and delicious.

So, those are three 3 things you can expect as a dishwasher in a restaurant on day 1. Am I going back? I think that I will. The people were nice, and the job is not too hard.

Stay tuned and I will keep you posted on how things are going in the “Dish Pit”.

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