I Love Lucy 'California Here we Come' Monopoly [並行輸入品]
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Relive many of the funniest and most memorable ???I Love Lucy??? episodes in the ???California, Here We Come??? edition of the world???s most famous board game, MONOPOLY. Travel west with Lucy and the gang as they head to California, finding trouble and fun wherever they go. Buy, sell and trade hilarious episodes like ???L.A At Last!,??? ???Harpo Marx,??? and ???Lucy Visits Grauman???s??? in a quest to own all of Lucy???s California adventures. Comes complete with 6 collectible pewter tokens of Ricky???s Convertible, Derby Hat, Harp, Cement Block, Lucy???s Glasses and Lucy???s Shoes. Gather friends and family as you reminisce about Lucy???s hilarious shenanigans in Hollywood and get ready for some good old-fashioned fun!

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